Agency Marketing Partner FAQs

Who is Agency Marketing Partner?

Agency Marketing Partner is the natural offspring of the sales and marketing experts at NuGrowth Solutions and the insurance agency management professionals at SIS.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be broken down into two categories — outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Outbound digital marketing usually involves sending emails. Inbound marketing is broader. The goal of inbound marketing is to get prospects to come to you. This is where search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, blogging and websites come into play.

Unlike traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio, billboard and yellow page ads, digital marketing is completely measurable. Our digital marketing tools make it possible to pinpoint prospect behavior in great detail and even automatically rate the warmth of leads. These analytics will give you insight into the products and services customers and prospects are interested in.

Digital marketing makes my head spin. Where do I start?

The foundation of your digital marketing should be your website and email marketing. These two components are key to your communication with current and future customers, and they should work together. Email marketing should include newsletters for your current customers or promotional emails targeted at generating new business lines.

Unlike traditional forms of outbound marketing like direct mail, digital marketing messaging can be specialized to target specific segments of people and can offer detailed reporting and analytics.

Why does digital marketing matter?

Your digital presence will form important first impressions for prospective clients and can encourage deeper interaction between you and your customers. Per-impression, digital marketing is a very cost effective method of marketing.

Why are analytics so important?

Analytics will empower your agency to analyze large amounts of data to assist your client retention and upselling efforts as well as generate personal and commercial lines of business. We will help you learn more about the needs of your current and prospective customers.

What can AMP do for me?

Every agency is different, and we will meet with you to discuss your agency’s needs. We’re ready to help you make sure your website reflects the quality of your agency, to assist your email marketing, and to provide you with data about your customers that will aid in customer retention and generating new business.