• AMP Announces Findings of Nationwide Digital Insurance Marketing Survey

    Today Agency Marketing Partner (AMP) announces the findings of their study of digital marketing strategies used by independent insurance agencies. Results show that although 88% of agencies have a website, many are not properly investing in it for maximum impact. Less than half of the websites are mobile ready and only one in three has a blog. […]

  • Lead Scoring for Independent Insurance Agents

    Marketing automation tools allow you to collect large amounts of data about how your marketing targets interact with your website and marketing emails. Without a way to sort through that data, though, it’s useless. To make sense of that data, you should find a marketing automation tool that incorporates “lead scoring.” What it does Lead […]

  • Website Analytics for Insurance Agencies

    Digital marketing analytics have totally changed the face of marketing. An ad on a bench or in a local newspaper might work, but you can’t measure its success or tell who looked at the ad. Digital marketing not only gets your product in front of prospects, it should teach you more about your prospects because […]

  • Responsive Website Design for Your Agency

    If you’re viewing this site on a desktop computer, slowly shrink the width of this window until it can’t get any smaller. Did you notice what happened? The website reorganized itself (putting the sidebar down below this post), and it changed the menu. If you are on a phone or a mobile device, you already […]

  • Starting to Define Your Brand

    In our last post, we talked about three reasons you should think about your brand. Lay a solid foundation for new and revamped marketing efforts. Keep your marketing coherent. Keep quality high as your scale. When you define your brand, you are able to get everyone on your marketing team working together as a team […]

  • Three Reasons to Think About Your Brand

    You might think that the word “branding” belongs to advertising agencies with flashy websites, but every independent insurance agency could benefit from spending some time defining its brand. You have a lot to take care of at your agency, so you may think you don’t have time to think about your brand. Think again. The […]

  • Evaluating Your Website

    In our last post we wrote about the importance of website first impressions. Potential customers may begin forming lasting perceptions of your agency within fractions of a second when visiting your website. Your site needs to immediately and accurately communicate the high level of service your agency offers. Evaluating your own site can be difficult because you […]

  • Website First Impressions Matter

    According to a study from the University of Missouri Science and Technology, website visitors make first impressions of website within a few milliseconds of exposure to a website. What kind of first impression is your site making? If you had peeling paint on your agency’s door and weeds in the flowerbeds, you would repaint the door […]

  • Digital Marketing for Independent Insurance Agents

    Digital marketing is an important tool for independent insurance agents, however, in an age of constant change and innovation in the tools and resources available to market your insurance agency, it can be tough to keep up – particularly when marketing is not your core business. Fortunately there are some great resources out there like […]

  • Insurance Marketing

    Sometimes you read something and get an “a ha” moment. For me, reading insurance tech guru Steve Anderson’s recent post Create A Balanced Approach to Marketing was one of those times. It is not that what he said was really anything new. It is how he said it that really made an impression. In marketing there […]