About AMP

Agency Marketing Partner is the natural offspring of the sales and marketing experts at NuGrowth Solutions and the insurance agency management professionals at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS). In Agency Marketing Partner you get a company that has its roots in marketing and sales processes and experience working with independent insurance agencies.

We talk to thousands of insurance agents while supporting their agency management system needs and many have told us about their marketing needs. Again and again agents discuss their marketing challenges and their search for a partner that can help them solve those challenges. We determined to use our expertise developed at NuGrowth Solutions along with our industry knowledge with SIS’ agency management system and created Agency Management Partners to help solve marketing solutions for the independent insurance agency.

Now we want to talk to you to see how we can help your agency. We are excited to work with you to make sure your website reflects the quality and critical brand of your agency. We want to assist your email marketing and provide you with state of the art tools that will give us the data about your customers that will aid in customer retention and generating new business lines.

Like your agency, we’re an agile business, and we understand that running an agency pulls you in lots of directions. You have a lot to take care of so it can be difficult to allocate resources to your marketing programs. Let us be your partner and develop consistent, measurable marketing programs.

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Nugrowth Solutions

NuGrowth Solutions

NuGrowth Solutions is a sales and marketing as a service organization specializing in business development, customer relationship management, and digital marketing. NuGrowth helps B2B companies build world-class sales and marketing organizations using proven, scalable processes for acquiring new clients.

Strategic Insurance Software

Strategic Insurance Software

Strategic Insurance Software is the team behind Partner XE insurance software – an innovative web-based insurance agency management system that helps independent agencies streamline workflow and grow their business.

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