AMP Announces Findings of Nationwide Digital Insurance Marketing Survey

Survey ReusltsToday Agency Marketing Partner (AMP) announces the findings of their study of digital marketing strategies used by independent insurance agencies. Results show that although 88% of agencies have a website, many are not properly investing in it for maximum impact. Less than half of the websites are mobile ready and only one in three has a blog.

The major take-away from the survey is that many agencies are leaving a lot of opportunities on the table when it comes to the features and functionality that they are providing on their websites. Too many agencies still see their website as a cost rather than as a necessary investment in their future, given changing consumer shopping and servicing behavior.

This trend of neglecting websites is also seen in the percentage of agencies that say they have someone or a team that takes ownership for the site. Although 88% of the respondents to the survey said their agency has a website, 38% said they did not have a person or team taking ownership for their site.

The following were the key findings of the survey.

  •     88% of the agencies who participated have a website.
  •     Most agencies had their websites made by an online vendor.
  •     On average agencies spend 1-5 % of their yearly budget on marketing.
  •     62% have a person or team that takes ownership of the website.
  •     Less than 50% of the websites are mobile ready.
  •     Over 50% of agencies link to social media sites.
  •     Only 33% of websites have a blog on their website.
  •     Less than half of the websites provide in-depth insurance content.
  •     38% speak to their community involvement.

The complete survey results can be accessed here.