Three Reasons to Think About Your Brand

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You might think that the word “branding” belongs to advertising agencies with flashy websites, but every independent insurance agency could benefit from spending some time defining its brand.

You have a lot to take care of at your agency, so you may think you don’t have time to think about your brand. Think again. The time you put into defining even a simple brand guide is an investment in your agency’s future that could pay off for years to come.

Not a believer yet? Here are three reasons that you need to consider your agency’s brand.

Lay a solid foundation.

If you are reading this, you probably understand that marketing is important to your agency. Marketing, though, encompasses a lot. Starting or revamping marketing programs for your agency can be a daunting task. Lay a solid foundation for your new marketing efforts by making a brief brand guide.

We will go into brand guides in more detail in our next post, but here are a few aspects you will want to consider:

  • Logo usage: Does there need to be a standardized space around the logo? Is there a limit to how small the logo should be reproduced in print and on the Web?
  • Color palette: What are the specific RGB (the color system for screens) and CMYK (the color system for print) colors that your agency uses?
  • Style guide: When it gets down to the nitty gritty of grammar and punctuation, does your agency refer to the Associated Press’s style guide, or someone else’s?
  • Name: What is the official name of your agency? Can abbreviations be used?

Even answers to these simple questions can help get your marketing efforts off on the right foot.

Keep your marketing efforts coherent.

You want everyone to see how great your agency is. Marketing should help potential customers see you as someone who is knowledgeable and professional. However, if your marketing pieces don’t seem to work together and don’t look coherent because – for example – you are using different colors and logos in print than on your website, you won’t be impressing as many potential customers.

If you define what these common elements should be across your marketing efforts, your marketing will become more effective at communicating the quality of your agency.

Keep quality high as you scale.

You may only have one person doing marketing for you now, and that person may even be you. As you grow your agency, though, you will want to grow your marketing efforts, too. You need to make sure all the information about how your brand is communicated doesn’t exist only in one person’s head.

It should be written down so that when you want to bring in more people to do marketing for you, or if you want to turn to a marketing team like AMP, your brand remains consistent and the new team members can quickly get up to speed producing powerful marketing campaigns for your agency.

If you haven’t thought about your agency’s brand, hopefully now you understand why you should give it some thought. Our next post will guide you through a few basic branding elements to consider and what to think about when you make those decisions.